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Why Should We Drink Filtered Water?
08.03.2021 | CoachFilters | Refrigerator Water Filters

Water is a healthy alternative to carbonated drinks that is free and appropriate for people of all ages. However, if you don’t drink clean and purified water, it can lead to water-borne diseases. That’s why in recent years, water filters are becoming more popular for good reasons. If you are considering the use of a water filter for you and your family but want further advice on whether it is the best option for you or not. In this article, we will discuss why we should drink filtered water. 

Improves digestion 

No one enjoys having gastric problems. If you experience constipation on a regular basis and your physician doesn’t find anything wrong, then making a change to your water can help you. According to studies, constipation is due to the toxins that are found in the water that you drink. These range from having stomach pain to food poisoning. In this case, the best choice for staying healthy is to switch to drink filtered water. 

Give Your Body the Chance to Detox

In the human body, toxins build up due to breathing in the polluted air, low-quality foods and drinking contaminated water.Researchindicates that more than thirty US states found toxins within the drinking water. It is not possible for your body to detox as the water you drink is not clean. However, when you drink filtered water, it gives your body a chance to detox and comes with more health benefits. 

Has Anti-Oxidant Properties

Filtered water comes with anti-oxidant properties that are measured by their ORP (oxidation-reduction potential). ORP is a measurement of the potential energy that is found in water. Certain filters like edr1rxd1 water filter, and edr3rxd1 can reduce the oxidation level in the water and giving it antioxidant properties. Antioxidants may prevent or even delay the cell damage in your body.

Eliminate Tap Water Odor

There are a wide range of chemicals found in tap water. Tap water is exposed to heavy metals, which give it that nasty taste and smell which is unbearable. The potency of tap water odor depends on the quality of water in your area. However, a water filter can eliminate tap water odor and give you clean drinking water. 

High-quality filtration: 

The water filtration system has been around for decades. So, we have seen an evolution in water filtration technology such as microbiological filtration or reverse osmosis. You can take advantage of this technology and step towards healthy living. Moreover, it is now easy to obtain clean and fresh drinking water without any hassle for you and your family. 

Helps Prevent Headaches

Brain bog, irritability, headaches and constipation are some symptoms that are due to dehydration. By drinking filtered and clean water, you can curb all these symptoms. Moreover, it helps to prevent or improve headaches. Filtered water tastes better than tap water, and you can intake the proper amount of water to prevent dehydration symptoms that come with it. 

Reduces Acid Reflux

Filtered water helps you reduce acid reflux and relieve heartburn. However, this benefit is limited to alkaline water filters. According to studies, drinking alkaline water can benefit you in many ways. Alkaline describes the pH level in the filtered water, which can be measured away from the acid level of the pH scale. So the filtered water can greatly help with acid reflux and heartburn.

Increases Energy

The human body needs water to function. That’s why, staying hydrated is essential to living a healthy and active life. Apart from drinking plain water, you think that you can make your hydration better by drinking coffee or some other forms of cold and hot beverages. Drink the proper amount of filtered and clean water not only keeps you hydrated all day long but increases your energy too. You get energy without taking caffeine which can further dehydrate your body. 

Clean Water Comes with Weight Loss Benefits

Losing weight is something that is probably at the number one spot on the to-do list in many people's lives. Often weight loss goals include some diet changes and adding intense workouts to your lifestyle. Water plays an important role when it comes to losing weight in less time. It not only help you stay hydrated but also replenishes fluids. Moreover, it is a great substitute for carbonated drinks and other energy drinks in favor of low caloric drink options. However, the toxins that are found in tap water can make it difficult for you to lose weight. Rather it comes with an additional challenge. On the other hand, filtered water tastes better and free of toxins that help you achieve your weight loss goal in record time. Once you start drinking filtered water, you will notice that you want to drink it often that makes your goal easier. 

Improves Skin Health

It is a well-known fact that drinking plenty of water can improve your skin health. When you drink clean and filtered water, it helps to add more benefits to your daily skincare routine. Filtered water has fewer impurities in the water that keep your skin hydrated. Aside from drinking filtered water, if you use filtered water to wash your skin, it will leave it with more moisture than the regular tap water you use.

Decrease Your Risk of Cancer with Filtered Water

In this fast-paced world, we are moving towards the food that is processed and exposure to toxins that increases the risks of cancer. Moreover, studies indicate that chlorine is found in tap water that may cause cancer. However, drinking filtered water may lower your risks of developing cancer like colon, bladder and rectal by eliminating chlorine.

Bottom Line:

The most simple and effective way to improve your and your family’s health is by installing water filtration systems. Water filtration comes with environmental, convenience and health benefits. Not only will you drink clean and filtered water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, but you also take advantage of the above-mentioned benefits.